How To Run Python Code Online Using Pythonanywhere

How To Run Python Code Online Using Pythonanywhere

Sometimes programmers want to write Python codes and running them but they can’t install Python software on their computer or maybe they can’t use their own computer so they have just a mobile phone, Ipad, or another computer.

I experienced this problem myself when I couldn’t install some libraries because it needed a new version of Python so I couldn’t install the newer versions. Because of that problem I have stopped trying to accomplish my project because I need that library to continue.

Luckily there is an online tool where we can write and execute Python code without the need of any hassles of downloading Python interpreters.

In this article, we will show you how to use Pythonanywhere to write your Python programs without installing any software.

Visit this link to register a new account on Pythonanywhere.

In this article, we explain to you just free account features if you want to remove account limits, you can pay every month so choose the option that you like.

You can use a free account and still benefit from their service but it is a bit limited. If you decide to upgrade, you will have a lot of benefits such as the ability to link your own domain to the web application and have a high monthly bandwidth…

How To Run Python Code Online

To write Python code on Bash Console, open dashboard page and scroll down then click on Bash. A black window will open. You have to write “Python” and then write your code there.

Choose Bash console

Bash console is like your normal Python shell that you used to open it from your terminal.

Bash console

Next to Bash console, you will find Python click on it and choose the version that you want then console will open directly where you can write code and run it.

Choose Python console
Choose Python version
Python 3 console

In the dashboard, scroll down and you will find “Open another file” click on it and write a path like this example “/home/(user name)/(foldername)/”.

Your recent files

If you do this thing right, it will open an editor where you will be able to write Python codes and running them directly.

Next to “Open another file” you will see “Browse files” it will take you to a page where you will find all your folders and files so you can access them easily as well as remove them.

In section web apps, you will be able to create your own Python web applications but you can’t use custom domain names as a free user.

Select a Python web framework

Python libraries are already installed but if you want external libraries and packages, you will go to bash console and install what you need. As a free member, you can’t use more than two consoles at the same time you have to check consoles tab that is in the header of the website and remove what you don’t need.


Pythonanywhere is helpful a lot especially when you can’t use your own laptop or computer it allows you to code from any place and you just need access to Internet and a browser.

Let me know in the comment where you write your codes?

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