How To Start Learning Programming From Scratch

You hear a lot about programming and you want to learn it but you don’t know where to start your journey? Does it seem like it is hard to take the first step to learn to code?

Don’t worry in this article, we will explain to you how to begin your journey step by step from the (reasons why you want to learn it) to (building projects and apply for a job).

Know Why You Want To Learn Programming

Before learning to program, you have to know why you want to learn this skill. If you define your reasons, you will be able to figure out your path, and you will be motivated along the way.

It takes some time to know your why because you have to do some research and trying to read and watch videos about programming. When you decide and do all these things, you will feel like you want to achieve or build something and provide value in this field.

Read about web development and try to analyze websites… their design and how they work. Know what machine and artificial intelligence communities are talking about and how they work. Look at android apps dev how are working.

You need to have basic knowledge about all programming fields. In this why journey, if you feel like you are motivated and you love developing websites, go for it and it should be your first reason why you are learning programming.

Your other reason should be bigger and more than anything else. The big reason should be about knowing what we want to build with this programming knowledge.

You must have a big goal. maybe you want to learn programming to build a website and this website will have a lot of visitors. You will provide them with tools that will help them to do certain tasks.

It is just a small example so you have to think like that about building something that will provide value to others in the future.

When you have and know your why you will keep thinking about it in order to have motivation in this long journey.

Programming Mindset And Other Important Skills

The mindset that you should have is to keep learning every day and every year. when you decide to learn to code, there will be no finish line because every moment there is a new technology out there or a new update that you should know about in order to always be a successful programmer.

Learning how to solve problems

Computer programming is about solving a problem and then turning its solution into a computer program. Learning how to solve problems will help you a lot in your coding journey because you will encounter hard problems so in that time you will need your ability or skill to break down the problem into small parts and then find solutions for each one.

These problem-solving concepts won’t be clear in your mind in the beginning but after months of practice, it will be a normal thing.

Before start programming journey, you have to read books, articles, or watch videos about problem-solving and computational thinking. You will understand some techniques that you will have to apply when you will arrive at the practice phase.

Ability To Do Research On Google

The ability to do research on Google is an important skill for every programmer. People who learn programming alone or with a teacher should know how to self-learn and how to search for ideas and topics on Google. The programmer will face so many challenges and they will have to search for a solution or library or anything related to programming. he or she will need Google because it has knowledge that is all you need.

Programmer Don’t Memorize Every Code

As a programmer, you don’t need to memorize all the references or any code. you need to understand the concept or that code and then practice it or include it in a project. it will help you to understand it well so when you will need it, you just need to google it and include it in your project because you already know it well. You should not copy a code from the internet if you don’t understand it.

Don’t Quit Learning And Practicing

Don’t quit learning and practicing because you couldn’t solve a problem or you were stuck. You can go do something else and then return to learning again with new motivation and energy. If you are still stuck on this problem, try to do research on Google.

Learn concepts or programming languages and then practice them by building projects. Without practice, your will not achieve your goal. Don’t stay a lot at the learning phase a lot.

Find Your Programming Niche

After we have learned some concepts about problem-solving and computational thinking and we have to know our reasons to learn to code, it is time to find a programming niche and to learn the basics.

As we said at the beginning of this article, it is important to know why you want to learn to program. If you like websites and want to build them, you have to learn web development and it is a different path that has a variety of programming languages and technologies to learn.

There is a lot of programming paths that you can choose but here in this article we will cover some of them:

  • Web devlopment: If you choose this path, you will need to learn so many technologies and programming languages that will help you to build and develop websites or web applications.
  • Android Or IOS apps devlopment: This path is for people who want to build phone applications for Android or IOS systems.
  • Computer desktop applications: Developping softwares and applications for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.
  • Artificial intelligence(Machine Learning – Deep Learning): This path is advanced a lot so you will need knowledge from different area in order to build intelligence softwares and systems.

Learn Programming Basics

Now that you have your path. It is time to learn the basics.

Every path requires the programmer to know some programming language or technologies in order to build a project.

To build computer software, you need a tool and this tool is the programming language. It has different concepts, modules, and libraries that are full of code that help you build your software.

To be able to build your project, you have to learn the programming language and there is a lot of them. Some of the famous languages are (Python, Javascript, PHP, C, Java, and so on).

  • Web Devlopment path: PHP, Javascript, Python, Java
  • Android and IOS path: Java, Kotlen, Swift
  • Desktop applications path: Java, C#, C++, Python
  • Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning path: Python, Java, R, C

The basics of any programming language are the same with a few differences. You will learn concepts like (Syntax, Variables, Loops, Decision Making, Functions, List, Dictionary, Files, Modules, Dealing with libraries and databases, and so on).

It is important to takes your time learning every concept and do exercises. you can also do your own example so you will change examples and playing with codes to practice in a different way because this will open your mind and lets you think a lot.

The first phase of learning is learning programming language basics including dealing with libraries and databases (With practicing examples and exercises).

Build Programming Projects

The second phase is to search for projects. Try to take beginner’s projects and build them step by step. You will do the same thing that was in the tutorial but after this, you should change the parts of the project. for example, you take something from project A and include it in project B. After doing that for a long time, you have to think of a new tool or something different and include it in your projects. This way you will be able to program anything you wish in the future so you won’t need tutorials a lot.

You have built so many projects and you know a lot about how to program in a specific language. It is time to apply for a job or contribute to open source projects. This way you will build your portfolio and engage in real-life challenges.


Programming journey never ends. you will always need to learn and practice in order to stay up to date and to keep your job or business alive.

Learning programming benefits you a lot mentally and financially. You will enjoy solving problems and errors that you was working on them for days and weeks. It is an amazing moment when you build your project. Learning to program is hard but it is worth your efforts.

Check out these different online resources where you can learn programming.

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