Programmer and the ability to do research online

The programmer And The Ability To Do Research On The Internet

The programmer can’t solve all his codes problems and errors alone every moment without any helps. It seems impossible because the nature of programming and building software is full of errors, bugs, and problems along the journey of creating programs.

You can write a program without any error but next program or when you will need to upgrade, I am sure you will encounter some bugs that will cause you to stay awake all night without sleep in order to solve. Maybe you will keep trying to solve that problem even weeks and then you will give up because you didn’t find any solution to your problem.

In this case, you should search for a solution on the internet. This skill is vital and an important thing if you want to be a good programmer.

The ability to do research on the internet in order to find solutions, packages, libraries, tutorials, and so on will help you a lot because after you stuck at your problem and you tried a lot to solve it but you didn’t succeed, the next thing you should do is to look for solutions on the internet. don’t ask people for help if you didn’t do research first because when you will find a solution yourself, you won’t forget that concept.

How to search for a solution, codes, or programming concepts

Google is your friend. Whenever you get an error in your code, copy that error and paste it on Google search bar. Visit every web page that is on the first page of Google but if you didn’t find any solution, you can go to the next page. You are a programmer and you should search very well.

To find concepts or codes that you will need in your project, you have to write that concept on Google and add (Python or any language you want). just write anything you wish to have because Google works with keywords and if you type anything on the search bar, you will get the desired result.

For example, if I need to deal with emails in my program, I will write on Google (dealing with emails in Python) or (Sending emails using Python ). Don’t worry Google will know what you want to get and it will show it to you.

Think of any features and write them on Google. combine it with your programming language. Google will give you the results that you need. Don’t forget to understand that tutorial or code before including it in your program.

You can search on Youtube and do the same thing. You will get videos that will explain to you concepts very well if you love video tutorials.

Facebook groups are also a good choice. Search on groups or ask for help there.

The famous website for programmers who want to solve problems is Stackoverflow. You will find so many problems with solutions that will help you to solve your errors. Users of this website will solve your problem but you should understand the website’s rules if you want to solve your problem.


In order to solve your programming problems, you have to be patient, trying a lot without giving up, and ability to do research. Your problems will take time to be solved so don’t rush for help in the first minutes. take your time and do great work. You will be happy when you will solve your problem on your own.

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